Who We Are
Welcome to Patriot Pay, your gateway to the world of digital currency. We're here to build a Patriot Economy, empowering you to use your money in ways that align with your values. With Patriot Pay, you can easily buy digital currency, buy items anonymously, support businesses that share your values, and donate to political candidates and causes you believe in—all without the fear of being tracked or debanked. As the US dollar continues to depreciate, our platform offers a decentralized alternative.
Our Vision
Patriot Pay is designed to make using digital currency simple and practical for everyone. Imagine a world where you can make everyday purchases, support your favorite businesses, and contribute to political and charitable causes without worrying about your bank tracking your activity, canceling your accounts, or holding your funds. 
What We Offer
Our app is a user-friendly digital wallet that combines everything you need into one easy-to-use mobile interface. Spend, send, and receive cryptocurrencies with just a few taps. For business owners, we offer a payment processing system with lower fees, allowing your customers to purchase your products anonymously and securely. Our system ensures your funds are safe from centralized bank interference, providing a reliable alternative as the value of the US dollar declines.
Join Us
Take control of your financial freedom with Patriot Pay. Our platform is here to help you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies securely, confidently, and effortlessly. Join us in building a Patriot Economy and experience the benefits of a decentralized financial system today. Protect your wealth from the depreciation of the US dollar, and embrace the future with Patriot Pay.
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Pay instantly using your debit card or credit card to buy any one of the app supported cryptos.

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Easily swap into and out of PPY using ChangeNOW.

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Send and receive your PPY or any other supported crypto to and from any other wallet.

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Equipping patriots with the power of blockchain. Join the revolution and experience the freedom
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