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Thank you for your interest in our Patriot Pay bumper stickers!


1. Fill out the form below: Provide us with your shipping details and the number of stickers you'd like (up to 3 stickers on us, additional stickers available for purchase for $3 each).

2. Pay for shipping: We require a flat shipping fee equal to $3. Please send $3 worth of PPY to the following wallet address:


IMPORTANT! Include your transaction hash/link as proof of payment.

3. Receive your stickers: Once we receive your request and payment confirmation, we'll ship your bumper stickers to the provided address.

Additional Stickers: - If you'd like more than 3 stickers, you can purchase them for $3 each.

Note: Your privacy is important to us. We only use your shipping information to fulfill your order.

Thank you for spreading the word! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Support@patriotpay.org.

Patriot Pay Bumper Sticker Order Form